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What a cool vibe for a district of a big city. We freely scootered through the streets taking it all in on a beautiful Summer's Day. Everyone and everything around you is lax and there's a sense of ease and comfort as you wander through the streets, of what some locals told us use to be consider a rougher area of town. Vendors, shops, and thrift line these pedestrian-friendly streets where the growth and expansion is truly forthcoming. 



Take a stroll through this historical district that has been rehabbed to offer several tours and options for every walk of life from art, culture, and entertainment. This once utilized area of town that has since seen a series of changes throughout the recent years. It's truly fascinating to see the architecture and heritage of the buildings and homes that are located within. 



As one of the most sought after destinations in the continent, there's no surprise why it's so highly trafficked. That said, being there before you can still appreciate the force and true beauty that The Falls offer each time you see them. No matter the weather or time of year, The Niagara Falls are a staple stop no matter what country's side you're on. RV parking was surprisingly ample a few blocks in for the Main St. sector on the Canadian side. 

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