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Just a youngish couple from two different worlds brought together byway of travel and have grown stronger through the years with our passion for it.


Jason, originally from Flint, MI moved to Chicago in 2010 where he fell in love with the hospitality industry. It was three years later, when Dawn made a similar leap of faith and moved to The Windy City from Key West, FL. Her first week there, she met Jason! Despite being from completely different spectrums of the country – they shared many similarities and hit it off. Due to their demanding schedules and hustle and bustle of the city life, they weren’t able to enjoy their devotion of traveling (extendedly).


In the Spring of 2018, they decided to do the unthinkable and embark on what has been a complete lifestyle overhaul – hit the road fulltime. Taking this journey in stride, day by day, they are determined to make the most of the opportunity and see all that this country has to offer. To date, they have been to over a half-dozen countries and 40+ U.S. States. What started off as weekend getaways from their high-rise in Downtown Chicago has become a full-blown life on the highway! 






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