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What does Highrise to Highway mean?

Highrise to Highway is an identity we gave to ourselves to describe our journey. We moved out of our 41st floor high-rise condo in Chicago to live full-time on the road.

why did you decide to live in an rv?

We wanted the flexibility and freedom to go wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Our jobs were demanding and required us to be "in the office" more than we'd like.

what do you do for work?

We are both automotive product specialist. Jason represents Subaru and Dawn represents Buick. We travel around the country working Auto Shows, presenting the public with knowledge on our vehicles. 

what do you do for health insurance?

STAY HEALTHY. This is the one of the downfalls of being unemployed/self-employed.

how do you decide where to go next?

First, we forecast a date and place we need/want to be. Then, we choose major cities/points of interest we would like to visit. From there, we fill in the blanks with national and state parks, small towns/rural areas and off beat attractions. 

how much does it cost to full-time rv?

This is such a broad question. It really depends on how extravagent you want to live. We boondock almost every night so right there, we save more than the average campground full-timer. However, we drive further distances in shorter periods of time than most requiring us to spend more $$ in gas.  

how often do you visit new places?

Every day - every few days. We don’t like to "overstay our welcome". It seems like as soon as we get to know our way around the city, we choose to move onto the next. This is one way to never get bored.

how often do you boondock?

Every night. We can count on 1 hand the amount of times we've hooked up to water & electric.

how do you find a parking spot?

Usually, just by driving around the town and reading signs. We’ve noticed a lot of local parks have non-residential parking. If we cannot find a spot, our go-to apps are RVParky, iOverlander, Harvest Hosts and Boondocks Welcomes (no app).  

why did you choose a class c rv?

#1. We knew we didn't want to tow. #2. Being first timers, we wanted something easy to maneuver and that would allow us to boondock and be "street legal".

do you have internet?

We do not have a wireless router however, we each have a personal hotspot. Also, not having wifi gives us an excuse to check out new coffee shops.

how long have you been traveling?

We moved out of Chicago in April 2018 but have been officially full-timers since June 12, 2018.

do you have a washer/dryer?

Nope - just a roll of quarters! Typically, laundry is done at a coin laundromat but we've used campground washers/dryers before as well. 

how long do you plan on living this lifestyle?

Until the funds run out or we get sick of this lifestyle. Maybe forever?!

what is your favorite place you've been?

Every place is unique in its own way but we both loved Nova Scotia, Alaska, The Black Hills of South Dakota, all of Utah.. & more! 

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