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zion np

We were looking forward to this visit for a long time prior, and it certainly lived up to the hype. Despite some of the hikes/roads being closed, we were still able to tackle Angel’s Landing. We went mid-week and had great success in my opinion, avoiding the crowds that we were afraid of. Be sure to plan accordingly and get there with ample time to complete this hike as there will be bottlenecks throughout. If you aren’t familiar with Angel’s Landing, look it up for yourself and add it to your bucket-list  unless of course you’re afraid of heights! Tip: If you're in an RV, get to the park as early as possible! Parking spots fill quickly.


homestead crater

Great place to take a mid-day break! Although the time slots were short (less than an hour), we enjoyed every minute of it. Scuba dive, snorkel or simply soak (that's all we did) in this geothermal spring. The nearby town of Midway, UT is worth making the pit stop - check out Fill Er Up for coffee and Lola's Street Kitchen for lunch. 

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arches np

One that has been on our radar for a long time! We knew from fellow RVers to get there earlier (up to 5 days in advance to be exact) to get registered for a permit for the Fiery Furnace trail. After obtaining the permit, and sitting through an educational video, you're all-set. We almost had the whole trail to ourselves! Thanks to the limited amount of daily passes given out. Great time. Finally, with the name "Arches" NP, it's a no-brainer that you have to take in the magnificent landscape that surrounds you - especially the grand daddy of them, Delicate Arch.


bryce canyon np

Familiarize yourself among the thousands of hoodoos in some of the epic trails that this park has to offer. With breathtaking overlooks for both sunrise and sunset, you can certainly spend a lot of time here, taking it all in. Several BLM properties very close to the park make for a smooth commute if you choose to stay for an extended period of time. Seeing the massive solar panels that energizes the welcome center and facility is also pretty impressive as well! *We did the ~5 mile traverse hike (trek from Bryce point to Sunset point)*



Our favorite little recreational town in a prime location nestled within the journey to The Mighty 5 National Parks. Any outdoor enthusiast will certainly fall in love. Everything from hiking, biking, climbing, jeeping, ATVing, and whitewater rafting is offered here. We found ourselves overwhelmed with endless options. After traveling this region and being 100% off the grid, you’ll be grateful to be reconnected with the real world. This town offers several amazing concepts and options from their downtown food and beverage scene. Survived street parking within city limits during the week but was forced to park just outside the city limit for free parking during the weekend. 


capitol reef np

Another one of The Mighty 5 National Parks in the region that is a must hit while exploring the area. We were overly impressed with this park from the moment we entered. We did the 8 mile hike throughout the heart of the park that started at one point and spits you out at another (thank god for the scooter so that we could have a ride waiting for us upon completion!). We spent a few days here - dedicated one day to doing the scenic drive and the capitol gorge hike to the tanks at the end of the drive. (short 2 mile trip out and back). We’re still devastated after hearing all the hype about the cinnamon rolls at the Gifford House. Got there at 10:30am and they were already sold out. Guess we’ll have to go back!


canyonlands np

Considering the unusually high winds and cold temps for the time we had allotted for this NP, we were surprisngly able to tackle everything on our list during this full day adventure. Parking is a bit limited depending on the size of your rig, however it's still worth the breathtaking vantage points and overlooks. 

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