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badlands national park

This NP definitely doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. So much beauty throughout as well as impeccable photo-ops galore! By far one of the country’s most hidden treasures nestled in South Dakota. Must add to any list. 



Went for Oktoberfest and fell in love with the locals and the historic twist to their gambling scene. Known for it’s gold rush history and being known for the murder of Wild Bill, this city has a lot more to offer. We extended our stay to take it all in!



Take the long route if you’re heading north through the Black Hills – it’s well worth it. Be sure to check out Moonshine Gluch in Rochford. Looking for a cheap dive bar, hit up Stadium bar on $2 Tuesday’s! Other hot spots to check out, CrowPeak Brewery, Green Bean Coffee House and City Brew Coffee.


crazy horse memorial

Came on a freezing cold day and walked a 10k charity event. A bit pricey to enter, but you’re able to at least go to the top and see first-hand the fine attention to detail that exist. 


rapid city

Be sure to take a walk down art alley. Kol had amazing food for lunch and a very unique ambiance inside. You won’t have to break the bank for street parking either. $.25 cents for an hour was the rate downtown… ahh the little things in life!


wind cave national park

We took the national entrance cave tour. Was worth the $ as it was very informative and not overly long and boring as tours like this tend to be. Tons of bison and prarie dogs scattered all over the park. Fould a neat pull out and stayed the night with no issues!


mount rushmore


Monument was every bit as breathtaking as we anticipated, but we're thankful we had extra time as we had to come back the next day due to visibility issues. The fog was real. Be sure to stop in to Grapes + Grinds for some delicious java or vino! Palomino’s is your spot for bread bowl soup!


custer state park

If the stars can align for the Buffalo Roundup, be sure not to miss it! With over 1,300 Buffalo running in a herd is definitely an unforgettable experience. 


hot springs

Located in the Banana Belt of America, this town was almost 30+ degrees warmer than any surrounding town we had visited. Don’t get fooled by its name, the natural springs were anything but “hot” but were refreshing on a hot summer’s day! Be sure to checkout Bourbon County Speakeasy, and tell the owner, Jeff, we sent ya!  


hill city

Tried to go to Alpine Inn a few times but were too late as the wait was outrageous. Will have to come back to see what the buzz is all about! Perky Pine Coffee House was a cute little spot for a morning brew. Stayed at a cool harvest host location along the river at Naked Winery. Miner Brewery across the street was an awesome find as well!

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