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If the crowd outside doesn't draw your curiosity then the reviews will certainly suck you into this bakery. With so many options. you can't go wrong! We were very pleased with our selection!

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Fairmount Bagels/St Vaiteur - MONTREAL

One of the great debates of this city! Who is home to the better bagel?! Though it solely comes down to personal preference - we would recommend St. Viateur 9 out of 10 times! Freshness and friendliness of the service sealed the deal for us. Although Fairmount was busier (usually is a good sign), the employees were a bit rude, rushing, and the bagel wasn't even warm as we were expecting. St. Viateur made up for it as we got the royal treatment from the employee (FREE sample bagels fresh out of the fire and a brief tour and insight to their operation) lasting impression for sure. Do you have a favorite of the two?



Probably more desired for its nightlife scene, we stumbled into this candyland theme bar for a glimpse of what it had to offer (as well as to escape the grueling summer heat). We were greeted by outstanding service from the owner and manager onsite who were gearing up for the presumable shenanigans that was going to ensue later that evening! We popped in midday and were the only ones there, but the drinks and the concept is one that is certainly somewhere you should not to look pass when you're in town!



A market located so close to the epicenter of a large city, Atwater Market was definitely delivering everything one would want. It coupled the options and selections with freshness and cleanliness throughout. There's enough exploration to spend the day here, with offerings of coffee/pastries, bakeries, butcher shops, and quick bite lunch choices from the several restaurant spot to make a day of it. 




Didn't think twice about this spot initially. Looked like another chain fast food spot. It wasn't until a local food blogger told us that we had to stop for at least a quick bite! The pricing was cheap and poutine was delicious. It was definitely a fast food style spot, but we love those anyhow. 



To describe this place would be to describe meeting a unicorn or mythical creature, you don't know what to say or where to begin. This place was everything we wanted in a location with a multi-levels of thrift, coffee, juice sampling, cafe, and so much more. Truly one of those unique spots that you have to see to believe. Make a brief stop it, if for nothing else just to browse and walk through. 


Poutine La Banquisa - MONTREAL

When the streets talk, you listen. Word told us that this was the "holy grail" of poutine! We wandered to this place with the expectations that even though it was non-peak hours, we'd probably still have to wait. We got very lucky to have tables open up shortly after we arrived. This definitely helped the overall experience seeing as it was mobbed with waitlisted bodies by time we departed. The menu is a lot to digest, with all their one-off combinations of poutines and delicious described menu selections. When you're traveling it's only fair to try things outside the box.... Corndog Poutine anyone? 



Some other highlights include: 

Le Darling, QDC Burger, Food Truck fest at Parc Olympique, La Distillerie. 

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You'll feel like you're in France! We floated around the quarters all day and just took it all in. Bounced in and out of all the shops and stores with a full stomach for the delicious options located within. The live vibe and the mix of cultures make this a must stop on anyone's list in this region. 

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They take their MLS serious here as we joined a packed stadium and a parking lot full of diehard tailgaters. We randomly happened to park the RV outside the stadium a few blocks away for free overnight parking and soon learned that Wayne Rooney and D.C. United was in town the following day. We bought some last minute cheap tix offline and had a blast! Rooney - Rooney!  

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One of the most beautiful display of architecture and design you'll ever lay your eyes on. This cathedral was so awe-worthy once you entered it you'll find yourself gazing and truly appreciating the attention to detail that surrounds you. Tours are going on every hour for a flat rate or you can attend mass for free at the listed times outside. Truly magical!

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