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COWS CREMERY - Charlottetown

Ice cream mecca of the region. Cow's Creamery lived up to the hype and was impressed with the self-guided tour they offered. Not a bad way to enjoy your cone while walking through and learning/seeing how it all comes together. 

IMG_3356 copy.jpg


A must, right? How can you go to the island and not visit the National Park... We didn't bike the entire 60 km however, we conquered as much as our legs could handle. 

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Definitely one of those "why not" situations. We saw free concert at the brewery's venue and thought it was most definitely worth looking into. After waiting for the ticket holders to go in, the doormen allowed walk-ups. Had a great time and met some awesome people all the meanwhile enjoying listening to Arkells and sipping on PEI brews. 

IMG_3420 copy.jpg


Our first Harvest Host spot. We rolled up, fashionably late but was welcomed with a patch of parking on the St. Lawerence river with extraordinary views and landscape (maybe a few mosquitos, too). Enjoyed some delicious beers the following morning while talking with the brewmaster and shooting blue oysters!! Our first and probably last time for that, sorry Oyster eating peeps! 

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