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geno's steaks

- Philadelphia

Best of the “Big 3” that we went to. Expect a line, but it moves quick! They definitely crank out deliciousness, can’t wait to return for round 2.


reading terminal market

- Philadelphia

Foodies paradise and good spot to pop in and break up your day. We got one of the giant pretzes that everyone was raving about… as they should.


magic gardens 

- Philadelphia

One of those spots that you have so many questions about! Very cool and interesting to find a spot with such character located in the heart of city. Worth checking out.


pat's king of steaks - Philadelphia

Across the street from Pat’s, it was must try. Can’t go to this rivalry foodie corner and not dare to compare. Definitely don’t expect good customer service, or the best philly. Decent, but nothing special.


blue cross riverrink

- Philadelphia

Cool waterfront spot that has a lot to offer. If you’re a sucker for the carnival games and arcades then let your inner child out! Good luck beating the pop-a-shot high score ;)  


spruce street harbor park - Philadelphia

Take a load off and kick back on one of the city provided hammocks. We were told that they’re changed out routinely – for cleanliness purposes, but no promises! 


jim's steaks 

- Philadelphia

Some of the locals were diehard fans of this spot. Definitely can see why, as it was very good. Spot is cool and actually has accommodations upstairs with booze! Dripping in grease, but left us wanting more!


art museum steps - Philadelphia

Touristy as expected, but what’s a trip to The City of Brotherly Love without visiting the site of their beloved fictional sports hero?! 

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