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pizza corner - halifax

Pizza Corner screams heaven on earth to both of us! We went to this little district, or more so intersection, not hungry but caved in real quick. The open air establishments battling for business against one another had us in a pickle as to who to pick as our choice. I'm sure they're all good, but based on the crowd Pizza Girls won our business and the slices were fresh, good, and speedy! 

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good robot brewery - halifax

What started as a sampling stop, soon turned to an all day rendevous. We had amazing service and options to choose from - with the best part of it all being briefed by an employee that if you're sitting "AT" the bar at 4pm sharp you would receive a free "beer token"... yum, yes please! Great beer, great patio, great employees!

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two if by the sea - dartmouth

Rocking Cafe that has loads of delicious options and very inviting atmosphere. Was instantly drawn to this spot when we noticed that it doubled as both a cafe with a retro pizza spot upstairs. Weird combination but an awesome well executed concept!

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tangled garden - Grand Pré

Such a unique, relaxing but delicious stop along our travel route. The jam and jelly sampling inside definitely took a lot of our money, but we're not mad in the least bit! Take a stroll through the very well maintained and manicured garden and throughout the flowering labrinth. 

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Edible Art Cafe - New minas

Live music (midday) with a side of the BEST wrap and salad we've ever had. This scooter stop we picked on a whim was one we'll be missing for days to come. The vibe was very laid back, inviting, and clean. 

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king of donair - halifax

Found out that Donairs were the "official" food of Halifax, though not confirmed, can definitely see why. We got ours nice and thick and loaded with the fixins. It basically transformed into a Donair salad by time we finished, but it was delicious. The KOD were all over, so we couldn't pass it up - nor should you!

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Roxbury Urban Dive Bar - halifax

This place is definitely worth noting. Not sure how this stop came about, perhaps someone recommended it to us? But, we ended up here with an appetite and this place delivered - on the low. Their $5 grub list was worth every penny - and the atmosphere (DJ, sidewalk patio, and location) only added to the bonus of the pricing. Randomly had an older gentleman buy the entire establishment a round of drinks...apparently he does it often? Maybe he'll do the same when you're there!


battery park - dartmouth

All the locals told us we had to come here, and it didn't disappoint. We were fortunate enough to have good weather and were able to sit out back on the patio while enjoying some delicious local brews and amazing food! Service and selection were top notch. Would definitely go back for Round 2! 

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Annapolis Cider Company - wolfville

Got the cider flight and just missed out on the last cider tour of the facility of the day! Great cider options with packaged selection. Will be back for the tour next time. It appeared to be very hands-on in their small but inviting property. 

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Mercator Vineyards - wolfville

In a town with so many wineries and vineyards, it's very difficult to choose which ones to explore. We had some local recs, all of which were spot on. We especially like Mercator - noting their selection as well as ambiance. Another noteworthy, yet new to the scene was Lightfoot & Wolfville. Much more traffic here, but offered a large seating area with a modern twist on your typical winery.

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halifax explosion memorial - halifax

An event that was so impactful and devastating to a city, region, and country for that matter needed to have a proper memorial. Learning the details and some of the facts that were laid out on display at this site were very heart-wrenching, yet eye opening. Also serves as a driving force and token to the community to see how they were able to bounce back, rebuild and move forward from such devastation.  

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Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market - halifax

Drove by and knew it was a spot we wanted to add to our list. The parking was limited so, we scootered from in town and spent several hours. Garrison's Brewery in the front/parking lot region of the Farmer's Market is worth marking as a stop as well. We got our growler filled and enjoyed some of their delicious options on tap. The Market had many local vendors both food and goods. 


kennie's u pick - kentville

Kennies U-pick was so far one of the highlights of our trip. We came across it randomly on Google Maps I believe? Expected it to be more mainstream, but was so happy to find that it was completely a "u-pick farm". We drove into the back of presumably Kennie's farm house where a gentleman in a pick-up truck gave us a couple baskets for a cheap rate. From there we had the entire patch to ourselves to fill and pick whatever strawberries we wanted. It was nice to have this freedom and luxury of having such a large area of quality fruit at our fingertips.

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Hennigar's Farm Market - wolfville

Very accommodating Harvest Host who communicated with us closely and met us at the entrance and escorted us to the highest point of the property where we had the entire farm and viewing to ourselves for an amazing sunrise and peaceful night's sleep. The shop at the front of the farm was full of delicious options that were sourced directly from the land out back!

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the noodle guy - port williams

One of the top food spots so far! We're so glad we went to this spot. A bit out of the way for our travels but worth every second of travel and ounce of gas to get to it. Fresh handmade pasta cooked to order, in this fast causal concept was all we could ever ask for! They package their noodles and sauces refrigerated to-go!

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