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masons ruby & sapphire mine

- franklin, NC

One of our favorite days thus far! You get to dig your own buckets from this gem mine! In 8 HOURS, we found over 60 grams of sapphire for only $30/pp (unlimited buckets)! 




The AT runs from Maine to Georgia so obviously, this isn't the only place to spot hikers but it's one of the many we stumbled upon. It's inspiring to see them midst journey!


hilton head island, sc

Beautiful island with great golf and endless beaches. We rode our bikes ON the beach (the actual sand) down to the Marriott hotel to take a dip in the pool & hot tub - sorrynotsorry. 


great smoky mt. railroad

- bryson city, nc

The scenery is breathtaking. The ride itself was peaceful with some onboard entertainment. Great day trip! 


it's greek to me 

- hilton head, sc

To be honest, the reason we chose this spot is because they let us part the RV there while we hung out at the beach. So glad we did because the Gyro Pizza was super yummy. 


nantahala river, north carolina

The Great Smoky Railroad took us down the Nantahala. Kind of regret not white water rafting (do it for us!) but it was still entertaining watching others! 

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