Funny how this city is called “The Biggest Little City in The World”. Once you hear that, it totally makes sense throughout your visit. Comparable to an old school Vegas. Venture off the trip to our favorite casino in the area - Grand Sierra Resort. 



Depending on your route, you may pass through Silver City and Gold Hill before stumbling upon this little majestic nugget of a town that is tucked away in the mountains. Worth a day trip to check out this little historic mining town! 

virginia city


This concrete marvel located between Arizona and Nevada state-line was definitely worth our visit and hassle. After getting the RV inspected to enter, and making our way through the herds of tourists, we were both captivated to see the 700’ concrete structure in all its glory! We heard from workers/locals that it becomes a zoo during peak hours, and makes for a melting pot of a visit in the hot months seeing as there’s zero coverage from the sun. Come prepared.

hoover dam


This Capital city was much smaller than we anticipated. Made for good 2-day trip. Very lively at night with a handful of low-key (smokey) casinos and gambling spots. 

carson city


Stateline town has a lot to take in. From doing own our DIY walking brewery tour, to day hikes with breathtaking views! Spent a few days here, but definitely could have stayed longer. 


lake tahoe


One of our top favorite hikes to date! Great for packing lunch and making a day trip out of this exciting yet challenging hike. Throughout you’ll encounter a series of ropes that are needed to assist you throughout the journey and onto the next leg of the hike! This one also makes the top tier of our list because we both love rewards at the end, which this one certainly has! Several little hot pools and one large one + the Colorado River!

gold strike hot springs


Beautiful sandy beach with surreal panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Mountains. Very quiet during our visit, camped overnight and did some amazing stargazing with no disruptions! 

nevada beach


Just outside Las Vegas, this little town definitely won our hearts over. We both fell in love. So much to do in the surrounding area, whether it’s visit attractions, do hikes, or visit local foodie spots – one being Coffee Cup cafe. It's featured on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives, we had to try it! We found ourselves here for a lot longer than anticipated and we’re not mad one bit about it! We met some awesome locals and passerby couples to top it off! Usually slept at the Hoover Dam Lodge just down the road (the casino within had Bingo & FREE breakfast, yes please.)

boulder city

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