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JUMP biked throughout the city. Went to several landmarks and staples around town. Notable Tower Café, which delivered a foodie experience like noneother. If you get the chance, hit us West Sac and go to Drakes; The Barn, which serves up great vibes, food, beer and food truck options.


santa cruz

Santa Cruz was such an awesome surfer town with so much to do. Very hippish in certain areas, we felt right at home with our RV. Although parking is a pain, once you get situated be sure to wander throughout the broadwalk, pacific street, and surrounding districts. Be sure to hit Pacific Cookie Co., Pizza My Heart (get a free slice with purchase of cheap t-shirt), and verve coffee. 


big sur

With so much awe-inspiring scenery the terrible cell reception doesn’t weigh as a factor. The coastal limits are some of the most breathtaking views you’ll ever see. So many boondocking spots available along the coast at any of the dozen turnouts.  



Found this gem on the RoadTripper’s app, this spot was something pulled out of a imaginary world. Literally dozens of Emu’s and Ostriches roam around eating out of your hand. If you choose to go, try to time it up with sunset, as you’ll get a twofer experience with the sun setting beyond the mountains in the background. 


napa valley

Obviously the mecca for any wine drinker. Can’t really go wrong with taking in any one of the guided experiences within the Valley. We specifically recommend Silver Oak, Inglenook, and  Downtown Napa, though small, had a lot to offer – be sure to hit up Goot’s. 



The Monterey Aquarium was by far the highlight of the visit here. We spent the day exploring all it had to offer, making it notably one of the best aquariums in the country. Found some really good boondocking spots Oceanside that were some of the best we’ve experienced ever.  


morro bay

This coastal city will catch your eye, mostly due in part to its 600-foot volcanic rock formation, Morro Rock. Be sure to take a trip down it’s main drag, main street and embarcadero. 


san francisco

Fortunate to be able to call the bay area home for a month, we fell in love with SF. Spending most of our time in the Marina District, we were able to find a flawless systematic parking route for staying overnight and free in one of the most congested cities in the Country. Presidio was home for the night while Crissy Field and Marina waterfront parking lot was home during the day. If headed to SF, reach out for a full rundown of places to go: email us 



17-mile loop drive is a must. This stretch in itself make any cross-country travel worth every mile/penny to get to. Take your pet to Carmel beach where there will be dozen of fur buddies waiting. On your way out of town hit up Point Lobos.


san luis obispo

SLO was one of our favorite spots along the hwy 1 stretch. Very lively scene with a lot to do for any age group. Driven by the college students the town was filled with great breweries, restaurants, and bars. 

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