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lake havasu 

Found ourselves here during college spring break.. a little blast from the past experience for both of us! The lake and water ways we consistently busy with partying and fun times being had. RV community appeared to be a way of life in the town, as we noticed the recreational vehicle had the average vehicle out numbered! Be sure to check out some of the BLM options, as we hunkered down for a week at one and met some great like-minded individuals that will be long time friends for us! If you're looking for a great Mexican joint, check out Javalina Cantina - YUM. A cocktail? Check out Martini Bay. Last, the swap meet is a must that takes place every Sunday.



Very quant little route 66 town that had a very historic vibe. Slow pace and not very busy. We thoroughly enjoyed freely roaming the streets and checking out some cool murals as well as restaurants and shops. A lot of impressive photo-ops in this one off town along the journey. You 10000% have to get a milkshake at Mr. D'z before you leave!


arizona hot springs

We spent all day enjoying ALL that this hike had to offer. Several different landscapes and terrains will leave you a bit sore the next day if you decide to do the loop (suggested). Once we got to the “hot” springs we were very surprised over the rather scolding temps of the initial pools of water. (Don’t get us wrong, we love the heat, but boy was this ever so hot!). Conquer your fears and go down the rather sketchy looking ladder to the lower half of the hike (or top half, depending on which direction you start!). Bring water shoes/sandals as you’ll be trekking through water to get to the awe picturesque, freezing cold, Colorado River! 

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willow beach - lake mead recreation area

We finally decided that this was going to be the location that we bust out our inflatable raft. Despite being an extra 100+ lbs over the weight limit (I think it’s made for one person/kids) we ultimately didn’t sink, and survived to tell about it! Willow beach was very inviting with free dump stations and water stations. We had no issues with parking and had the entire waterway to ourselves to battle so bravely in our little struggling blow-up against the minimal wake that felt like a category hurricane to our rafting skills! Bonus* This place is free with the national parks annual pass.

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